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Annual General (Online) Meeting 2020

Owing to the current coronavirus pandemic our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held online this year. Please make every effort to join online.  This meeting will discuss upcoming events and other matters related to the progess of our alma mater and association in general.


  1. Opening

  2. Adoption of Minutes of the Meeting of 11th May 2019

  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Meeting of 11th May 2019

  4. 2019 Annual report

  5. Charity Registration

  6. ICY Education Quality Master Plan

  7. Constitution review

  8. Membership of ICOBA Europe

  9. Report and Update on Calendar of activities for 2020

  10. Membership and Engagement Drive

  11. AOB

  12. School Song

  13. Closing

AGM Joining Instructions

The meeting is due to start at 1.00 pm (BST). However, it would be helpful if you could log in at 12.45 pm (BST) to give time for any technical issues to be resolved.

  • To join the AGM, click on
  •  if you already have a GoToMeeting account, open the app and enter the unique Access Code: 637-459-877
  • You should mute your audio on joining.
  • To speak at the meeting use the chat function to inform the host
  • If you have any difficulties dialing into the meeting post a message on the ICOBA Europe WhatsApp chat group or call the Secretariat on 07956 199055 or 07807 912685.

Annual Report for 2019 Published

The Executive Committee of ICOBA Europe has now published the Annual Report for 2019. Members are encouraged to review the report which will be  formally presented at the next Annual General Meeting in May. 

To access the Report click on the image below:



Update from ICOBA Europe

This is an update from your association concerning how our events planned for this year are being affected by the evolving worldwide situation with the COVID-19 infection. This update informs you of decisions that were reached by your executive committee team at its scheduled meeting last Saturday 14th March 2020 concerning our annual general meeting and our biennial family retreat.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

You will obviously be aware that our AGM traditionally takes place in the West Midlands in the second weekend of May each year following a resolution at our founders’ day service. This year’s AGM was therefore fixed for 9th May 2020 in Birmingham and as this happened to fall on a bank holiday weekend we had planned to invite you to spend the weekend in the West Midlands with your family. We have now unfortunately had to cancel this date for the AGM and we will be looking to reschedule the AGM for a date in late summer this year.

Family retreat 2020

This year’s family retreat was scheduled to occur as usual in the last weekend in July. You may be aware that we had planned to have
our retreat this year on the mainland of Continental Europe and had actually identified a resort in the Algarve in Portugal that would have been perfect especially as we were looking to offer yourselves and your families the option to extend beyond the traditional 2-3 nights and turn it into a family summer break. As things evolved we moved away from looking at Portugal and located an ideal facility in Nottingham that again offered the option of a 2 or 3 night stay at very reasonable costs.

With the establishment of the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving plans of the UK government and public health advice we have sadly had to take the decision to cancel this year’s family retreat. Even if this pandemic abates in the UK it is not likely to do so (according to UK government briefing and projections) for another 3 months. As it will be irresponsible to financially commit to planning a retreat before the pandemic abates, it appears very unlikely that we will be able to have the retreat before the end of summer. Our retreat is essentially planned as a summer break and so the regrettable decision is that there will not be an ICOBA Europe family retreat this year. The good news is that we can look forward to one in 2 years’ time and probably have a break in Europe then.

Whatever you do over the coming months please stay safe and let’s look out for one another.

Kind regards,

Deji Okubadejo
Chairman, ICOBA Europe