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Elections 2019

ICOBA Europe Elections 2019 – Results

The Electoral Committee of ICOBA Europe is pleased to make the following announcement: 
We have had only one nominee per post at the close of nominations. This means that there is no longer a requirement to have a vote as all nominees are now returned unopposed and therefore duly elected. 
The Electoral Committee would like to congratulate the new Executive Committee and wish its members all the best when they assume office on Saturday, 1st February 2020.  The Electoral Committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Executive Committee for its hard work over the past two years.
The successful candidates and their manifestos are listed below.
Gbenga Segun
Director of Organisation
On behalf of the Electoral Committee, ICOBA Europe



Deji Okubadejo (Freeman House: 1974 – 79/81)


I have a record of service to ICOBA Europe having served for the past 2 years as chairman and for the preceding 5 years as vice-chairman of the association.  I have led the association to it being re-established in a position of influence and relevance within the worldwide ICOBA family having evolved into a revitalized organisation with imaginative aspirations.  I also successfully envisioned and created collective support and engagement for the Igbobi College Yaba Educational Quality Masterplan (EQM).  This plan has been described as unprecedented and aspirational and has formed the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding between the school and ICOBA.  This was a big achievement and one of a number of “firsts” achieved by ICOBA Europe in the past 2 years.
I am seeking a second term in office as chairman in order to successfully complete the first phase and embed the EQM for the benefit of generations of Igbobians to come.  I also plan to continue to lead the association to make it achieve my stated objectives of supporting and benefiting

  • Old Igbobians
  • Our children as second generation immigrants in Europe
  • Our alma mater – ICY

I will lead engagement with members of ICOBA Europe across the generations and also improve the governance of the association, positioning it for future survival and growth.  The association will continue to innovate in its functions and activities and achieve even more “firsts” in the next 2 years.
A bit about myself:  I am a medical doctor working as a clinician and healthcare manager and leader in the NHS and in the independent healthcare sector.  My knowledge and skills in leadership and management have led to me successfully taking on regional and national roles as well as working on the boards of organisations.
I am requesting for your vote and support as we continue to work for the benefit of all Igbobians
Omnes Unum in Domino

Vice Chairman

Tunde Joseph (Oluwole House: 1973 – 78/80)


I am a product of the 78/80 set, and proudly dawn the yellow colours of Oluwole House.
I am a Systems Accountant by profession, specialising in the Oracle EBS Suite Applications and that makes me a person who solves issues for fellow Accountants and Business Users.
I started my career in Birmingham and then moved to Wales before coming back to London.
I am passionate about Igbobi College, and this intensity I have for the college and solving issues, encourages me to share that experience with others to help the college.

  • I was the past secretary for my set (78/80)
  • Past Assistant Secretary General for ICOBA Europe;
  • Currently, I am the Vice-Chairman for ICOBA Europe.

My ambition is constantly to be part of a team which will continue to encourage and bring about a new generation of old Igbobians and continue to expand the brand of Igbobi College Yaba.
I believe this can be done by uniting both the young and the old, and nurturing the growth of each other as individuals.
Life is all about the new people we meet, and the things we do and create with them and as noble Nigerians, it is a feat we should be able to conquer.
I am married to Funmi and have two lovely beautiful girls Omotoke and Omojuola.

Director of Organisation

Fola Ajanlekoko (Aggrey House: 1973 – 78/80)


I attended Igbobi College between 1978-80 for A- Levels.

University of Lagos – BSc Physics 1983
City of London Polytechnic(now London Guildhall University ) – ACIB
Kingston University –  Management Studies
University of Lagos – MBA.

  • An accomplished Corporate Manager.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Fulfilled and contented
  • High integrity and Business acumen
  • Retired banker.
  • Immediate past Vice Chairman of ICOBA 73/78-80 Set in Nigeria. (2012-2019).
  • One of the pioneer members of ICOBA UK.

Willing to serve ICOBA EUROPE in the capacity of Director of Organisation.

Secretary General

Seye Oyediran  (Freeman House: 1974 – 79/81)


To say that Igbobi College is in my blood is no exaggeration. I will reveal how, shortly.
I am a passionate practising Family and Immigration Solicitor in England and Wales with a distinguished legal career spanning over 25 years.
Service to, and for Igbobi College is a sine qua non of my pedigree and family name.
I have been actively engaged with ICOBA generally and ICOBA EUROPE specifically for nearly two decades.
At the 2015 ICOBA Europe AGM, I was nominated to act as the Secretary General of the interim Executive Committee for the Association.
I was consequently elected Secretary General of the branch in the same year.
Before then, I have acted as Chairman of the UK branch of the 74-79/81 set, known for its demonstrable commitment to Igbobi College.
I said at the beginning that Igbobi College is in my blood. I meant it… Literarily.
I was born in Igbobi College.
My father, Chief Timothy Oyediran was a long serving tutor and house master at the college. He was affectionately referred to as “Baba Oye!”
For those who thought he was a tough tutor, I can assure you that he was a “tougher” father.
My entire secondary education from form 1 to upper six, was spent at Igbobi College.
My wife is an Early Years Practioner and we have three wonderful boys.
Service As ICOBA Europe Secretary General:
During my service to and for ICOBA Europe, I have been responsible for providing administrative support for the branch signature events and activities.
ICOBA EUROPE has established and continues to maintain global standards of transparency and accountability.
I have in line with that mandate, ensured accurate record keeping of minutes of executive and general meetings and timely distribution of said records.
I have engaged with younger generations of Old Igbobians and act as a bridge to the older generation of Old Igbobians.
ICOBA EUROPE has become a standard amongst UK based alumni.
Such standard setting requires active engagement with other alumni associations.
I actively attend events and activities of other UK based alumni associations.

If given the opportunity to serve;
I can continue to give effect to YOUR vison of an active and vibrant association that is responsive to your ideas,
Relevant to the aspirations of a younger generation of Old Igbobians,
Whilst maintaining the ethos and culture of our branch by active engagement with our elders and mentors.
Your support ensures that your investment to restore our Alma Mater to its former glory as THE leading boys institution, through the ICOBA EUROPE led Education Quality Master plan (EQM) will be seen through to a successful conclusion.
I thank you for the support you have provided the ICOBA EUROPE branch through the executive committee which I have been privileged to be a member.
I look forward to being of service to you, and Igbobi College through the branch, if you give me the opportunity to do so as Secretary General ICOBA EUROPE branch.
Omnes Unum In Domino

Assistant Secretary General

Otunba Oladele Osinuga  (Aggrey House: 1980 – 85/87)


The classical statesman and lawyer Cicero said before beginning plan carefully thus in seeking to be elected Assistant General Secretary, my focus is on 3 principles (triple O), thus I endeavour to be part of the executive that shall be:

  • in our aims,
  • Organised in our objectives, strive for, and
  • maximise Opportunities for growth.

I intend to act as a bridge builder across sets and strong advocate for inclusivity in reaching out to the late 80s, 90s and millennial sets. In offering to stand for election I promise to build upon and bring to the office, the dynamism which I have gained through my exemplary record of service and active participation in ICOBA in the UK which includes:

  • General Secretary of 84/86, 85/87 sets (UK 2007 – 2009, 2018 to date),
  • member of ICOBA Europe Charity Conversion & Finance Groups and
  • Director of ICEIGHTY Limited (ICOBA 84, 85 sets investment company RC 1426514 Nigeria).

My professional expertise as a lawyer of over 15 years standing with in-depth experience in Criminal law, Public law, International law, privacy and corporate governance in both the private and public sectors and my membership of national and global professional bodies will be of immense benefit in the service of our most noble association. Similarly my voluntary roles currently as school governor (Equalities Lead) of William Ford COE Junior School, Dagenham, Counsellor (Otunba Lemofin), Legal Adviser and member of Council of Chiefs, Ogijo Remo, Contributing Author ssrn.com and previously as Expert Consultant (2012 – 2015) to the Nigerian House of Representatives Committee on Treaties and Protocols and 2004 – 2010, General Secretary Nigerian Reconciliation Group (UK based Nigerian NGO) and foundation member and ex-officio of Ishanbi Development Union (UK) has adeptly prepared me for the post I seek. 
My other social activities include; supporting Manchester United, playing golf, football and cycling. I plan to amongst other things lean on my love for these activities to put together fun and beneficial programs for our association and our alma mater towards facilitating networking while reaping the attendant ’blue zones’ type health benefits.
In closing, I paraphrase the glorious moto of our alma mater; we remain as ever all in one in the Lord, trusting your wise counsel in voting for me as Assistant Secretary General.


Jeremy (Gboyega) Coker (Freeman House: 1974 – 79/81)


I humbly request your vote as Treasurer of ICOBA Europe.


As Treasurer, I have brought a professional approach to the organisation’s record keeping and, in addition, took responsibility for the custody of its assets.

From a position of a few numbers on a bank statement in 2009, under my watch, the organisation’s bank balance has now grown to a 5-figure sum.

This financial health was necessary to enable us not only develop, but kick-start the ICOBA EUROPE led Igbobi College, Educational Quality Masterplan (EQM).

I am a chartered accountant, chartered certified accountant and chartered tax adviser.

I am a past Chairman of the London branch of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

I am currently President of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) and serve on its Council as a trustee and director.

I believe that this gives me the experience necessary to fulfil the roles of the treasurer which are to:

  • Receive all monies and deposit same in the bank within 7 days of receiving such monies.
  • Keep an up-to-date account of all monies received or paid out.
  • I present financial reports to every meeting of the Executive Council.
  • I present annual accounts or summaries to the annual General Meeting.
  • We can now take card payments.

With your support, I can continue to:

  • Provide professional excellence in financial reporting.
  • Help grow our membership subscription base.
  • Increase involvement of non-financial members.
  • Ensure transparency regarding the Associations finances.
  • Maintain Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting that will satisfy the record keeping requirements of the Charity Commission.
  • Foster even better relations with other branches of ICOBA worldwide

I thank you for the support you have given me in the past.

I look forward to serving you and supporting our esteemed Alma Mater, Igbobi College through ICOBA EUROPE, if you give me the opportunity to do so.

Up IC!
Omnes Unum in Domino

Social Secretary

Kunle Adeniji (Freeman House: 1979 – 84/86)


If re-elected as the Social Secretary I promise to re-energise our social calendar to accommodate Senior Igbobians by introducing Ayo Nigerian game board/ Chess events and consolidate on our flagship events, Retreat and Dr Awe’s Memorial Lecture Series. 

What we can do better:

Our Retreat formats require revamping and plans are already in place to look into going out UK for the first time, I have looked at Portugal and we will also consider Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before returning back to England in the future. 

We will also look at how to attend more others Alumni events in other to boost attendance with our Biennial Lecture series. 

I have started working with others Alumni Social Secretaries in organising a summit that will be held in the third week of January, it’s meant to provide better communication among ourselves and to share ideas in improving our Social gathering. 


Our organisation of events should be kept at a high. It’s really challenging when you’re dealing with many members to make sure EVERYONE knows what is going on. As I stated earlier, the planning for the few social outings we’ve had, like retreats, were pretty well done, and I intend to keep this up! Luckily most people these days use social media such as twitter, facebook, Instagram. Facebook event pages (and other social media platforms) are a great way to spread the word about what’s happening. I also promise to promote more events amongst other friends of Igbobi like our WICOBA, children and and Senior Igbobians.

Equal say is a massive part of any working community, and so I would be more than happy if re-lected to hear your views as well as sound out members on the social side of things. If you have any complaints or questions about what is happening you should feel free to send me a whatsapp message to my personal account or to our IC global group account or our social media event page! 

Any suggestions that you might have for outings or even for events that we wouldn’t usually see within the Social Calendar (perhaps a Chaiman’s dinner) would also be great! It is also important that you all have a say in how things are run when it comes to the social aspect of life, after all this enhances our health and social well-being. Remember one of the core objectives of my remit is to ensure that we create avenues for relaxin

Ultimately my goal is to draw people together. There are so many people in our august body and it is quite challenging to chat to everyone at social events! The more socials we have the more chance we have of getting to know each other better!!

One thing I can definitely promise if I’m re-elected is that the next year our social calendar will be more organised, more exciting, more fulfilled and more joined up. 

Welfare Secretary

Segun Ifaturoti (Parker House: 1974 – 79/81)


This is your opportunity to have a say in the way Welfare matters relating to each member of ICOBA Europe are conducted by voting for me. This manifesto sets out how I will do that.

All Inclusive Policy:

I will promote a Welfare Policy that cares for all, where every effort will be made to seek out all older generation Old Igbobians and create an atmosphere that will attract younger generation Old Igbobians. In short, an all-inclusive Welfare policy.


Let us face it, we are sometimes faced with situations that render us needing help from third parties who may not necessarily be our family members. Situations such as a bereavement, illness, loneliness, temporary financial challenges, the list goes on. The current Welfare Policy, which I devised during my current tenure as Welfare Secretary covers some of these situations. In the coming tenure, I will revise the Policy to make it more encompassing.

Sharing of Ideas:

We can all benefit from one another in numerous ways such as in the areas of health, finance, career and education. I will look into how members can be encouraged to share useful information on these subjects via regular contributions on our media platforms such as The Vale, E-mail and WhatsApp and at every opportunity.